Meet the Team


I am passionate about nature and the countryside. My family and I divide our time between the Cheshire countryside and the remote mountains of mid Wales. We love being outside and close to nature in all seasons.

Years ago our eldest son joined the local scout group and it was hard to hold me back from getting involved. I enjoyed the weekly activities and the camps so much that I am now the local scout leader. Passing on my love of nature and the thrill of learning new skills is deeply rewarding.


The majority of my childhood was spent in the Welsh mountains with my siblings. We were free to climb to the tops of mountains, dam streams, build dens and light campfires. It is one of lifes greatest pleasures to introduce our children to these outdoor adventures. Outdoorparties is about casting the net even wider. The opportunity to share our corner of the countryside with other children.

For years we have held outdoor parties for our children and their friends. It seemed only natural to share the fun and set up Outdoorparties.

I have worked with children for seventeen years as an Art Psychotherapist in the NHS and schools throughout the northwest.

Young Leaders

Our son Levi and a number of other local scouts regularly assist with the smooth running of our parties and join in the fun.